Satisfied customer guarantee

KAK Städ always wants all customers to feel safe and satisfied with their choice of cleaning company. We therefore offer all our customers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. The guarantee is there to underline our high quality of each cleaning.

Our Satisfied Customer Guarantee is simple – our customer service is always available in case of any problems – we carry out quick measures and always follow our strong procedures for each individual cleaning task.

What does Customer Satisfaction Guarantee mean?

  • Always 10-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • All possible errors and deficiencies are corrected within 48 hours
  • All actions are performed free of charge

This is how it works in practice

  • The customer reports shortcomings or errors in the cleaning to us via email or telephone
  • In the event of an approved complaint, our cleaner will remedy the defect within 48 hours (during weekends, 72 hours apply)
For us it is important that you are always 100% satisfied with our cleaning, it is our highest priority.

KAK Städ Quality policy

Our cleaning services must always meet the customer’s wishes and expectations. Customers must always be satisfied and that is a prerequisite for continued cooperation. For us, it is important that all our customers become a future reference. We constantly make evaluations and make an effort to maintain the highest possible quality in our cleaning tasks. We can promise our customers to always be available, fast and responsive to the customer’s wishes. Our staff always cleans based on a checklist and the checklist is available to all our customers before and after the cleaning tasks. The checklist is important to our organization, so that we can maintain the highest possible standard in all the cleanings that are carried out.

Additional information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19)

“KAK Städ with staff takes seriously the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its spread in the world and in our society. All our staff follow its development via the Folkhälsomyndigheten’s website ( In today’s vulnerable situation, it is important to maintain good cleaning hygiene and really be thorough in every home visit. All our employees follow these guidelines and always wear a face mask and take care of their hygiene. At the slightest symptoms, our staff stays at home until you are symptom-free. We also urge our customers to contact us if they suspect infection or if they have had contact with an infected person. A booked cleaning can always be rebooked and carried out on a different date
Thank you for contacting KAK Städ for your cleaning!